Our Vision


As soon as you get in touch with RH GAB, you will notice German accents and German core values. You will also notice that the combination of German and American values is the most powerful one in the world. Showing up on time (German) and being enthusiastic (American) is part of our business life. Being honest and direct (German) but also passionate and full of heart (American) is just one more attribute we are living in our company.


It's been said a million times that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step. The dream started very small a long time ago when I wanted to see first hand the good and the bad in real life in America. Later on the dream became bigger and to connect my two great and beloved countries in our personal life and in my business life.


We choose the company name on purpose. It might be not very creative but it hits point 100%. German American business is a dream and vision God put in my heart and from that day on it started burning more and more. We are connecting the European German world with the American world of North America. Distributing and selling products Made and/or Engineered in Germany here in the US and Canada is the core of our business. This dream of our owner keeps us moving and is our fuel every day.

About Us

RH are the initials of our founder and owner. GAB stands for GERMAN AMERICAN BUSINESS.

We are connecting the world and cultures with specialty products MADE IN GERMANY and from around the world for craftsmen in North America!


3590 Cowhand Dr.

Colorado Springs, CO 80922



Phone: +1 (719) 641-6045

Email: info@rh-gab.com



PO address Europe:

Roensahler Strasse 23a

14476 Potsdam