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DecoRad Systems bv


DecoRad® Systems bv offers a complete range of on-site UV / LED curing equipment as well as industrial LED equipment. 


Many leading brands offer UV curable coatings for wood,resilient, mineral and PU floors.

MADE in Holland

Dr.Schutz Group



Faithful to its motto ‘We care about floors’ the Dr. Schutz Group is the leading supplier of floor maintenance systems worldwide.


With its core brands Dr. Schutz, Eukula and Scratchnomore, every need of modern floor care is optimally fulfilled.


Plasti Chemie NA


Since 1995 we have been manufacturing resinous coating systems for roofs, facades and industrial flooring. Our formulations are based on MMA, Epoxy and bituminous resins. Plasti Chemie International has been recognized as an industry leader for well over 15 years.


About Us

RH are the initials of our founder and owner. GAB stands for GERMAN AMERICAN BUSINESS.

We are connecting the world and cultures with specialty products MADE IN GERMANY and from around the world for craftsmen in North America!


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